What is Class Action Lawsuit?

Class action is a type of lawsuit in which numerous individuals file a claim collectively against a corporation to recover damages for a wrongdoing. It can be an efficient method of offering justice to many people at one time. Rather than one individual having to fight for recourse from a large and powerful company on their own, it is a collective effort on the part of many.

Typically, a class action lawsuit can encompass such subjects as product liability cases, failures by insurance companies to pay benefits, non-disclosure by financial institutions of fees and penalties, and consumer fraud. Pyramid schemes, Corporate Owned Life Insurance (COLI) and Bank Owned Life Insurance (BOLI) can also be subjected to a class action lawsuit. Scott Clearman has obtained settlements of over $19.4 million for the families of deceased Wal-Mart and Fina employees after the companies purchased life insurance policies covering those employees.

Breach of contract and breach of warranty are serious offenses that must be fought against. At Clearman Law Firm PLLC, Scott can discuss any pending actions against a company and inform you of the necessary steps to begin litigation in the event that no cases are ongoing that relate to your individual circumstances.


In order to win against powerful entities, such as large pharmaceutical companies, often the only recourse to obtain recovery for your damages is through a class action lawsuit. With the power of many plaintiffs showing overwhelming evidence of wrongdoing through sheer numbers, the likelihood of a successful outcome can be greatly increased.

With many years of experience behind them, along with countless successes dealing with class action lawsuits, Scott strongly urges you to retain his services rather than trying to go it alone against a large corporation. Due to the unique type of litigation inherent in class actions, retaining a experienced and skilled litigator is of vital importance to the outcome of your claim.

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