Class Actions

General Commercial, Intellectual Property and Personal Injury Litigation in Federal and Texas Courts with an emphasis on Class Actions, both Trials and Appeals.

Representing Businesses in Rate Case Class Action

Scott served as lead counsel in three class actions representing large businesses alleging worker's compensation insurance overcharges. The aggregate recovery for the classes was in excess of $277 million. Net of attorneys" fees and expenses of $77.98 million, the class members received more than $195 million.

Representing ERISA Beneficiaries

Scott served as co-lead counsel in a suit by ERISA plan participants against Dynegy. Scott and his co-counsel recovered $9.975 million on behalf of the class. Net of attorneys" fees and expenses of $2.495 million, the class received $7.48 million.

Representing Families of Employees Insured under Corporate Owned Life Insurance (also known as "COLI," "BOLI," or, unfortunately, 'dead peasant' insurance)

Scott has obtained settlements of over $19.4 million for the families of deceased Wal-Mart and Fina employees after the companies bought and made themselves the beneficiaries of life insurance policies on the lives of their employees. Net of attorneys' fees and expenses of $6.44 million, the classes received $12.86 million.

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Representing a Public Company as National Counsel

Scott successfully defended an orthodontic practice management company against a group of approximately 65 orthodontists in over 35 lawsuits pending in various federal and state courts throughout the country.

Representing an Individual Denied Life Insurance Benefits

Scott represented a wife denied death benefits under a life insurance policy insuring her husband. The total recovery was $1.45 million, more than the face value of the policy. Net of attorneys" fees and expenses of $512,000, the client received $983,000.

Representing Businesses in Lawsuits over Intellectual Property Dispute

Scott has represented clients in intellectual property disputes, including trade secret battles where millions of dollars were at stake.